Quotes from MLS 2012:

Quotes from MLS 2012:
"Tougher than Alcatraz! The Moville Lighthouse Swim is tougher than Alcatraz."
"I was in Sligo last week, and swam in the Warrior of the Sea - that was nothing compared to this! Only real warriors swim The Moville Lighthouse Swim."
"That distance may be 1.5km as the seagull flies, but for the effort & work required in Lough Foyle, the Moville Lighthouse Swim is equivalent to 3km."
"I have participated in many swims, but I have never seen water like that seen in the Moville Lighthouse Swim."
"The most psychologically tough swim I have ever undertaken - The Moville Lighthouse Swim!"
"Gerard Curran. 17 minutes? How did he swim it in that time? Surely a record that someone will try to beat in Moville Lighthouse Swim 2013."